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  • Insulation and Ventilation


For those dog days of summer, Attic Air has the cool solution, and for those cold winters, nothing beats a little extra insulation...

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Proper insulation and ventilation of your home plays a critical role in its comfort, economy and safety. Even seemingly minor breaches in your homes insulation and ventilation can have a dramatic impact – you may notice drafts in the winter, heat and humidity in the summer, escalating energy bills, and potentially even harmful effects such as mold, moisture damage and rot. Attic Air specializes in evaluating your home to ensure that it is properly ventilated and insulated, and the evaluation is free.

Since 1996, Attic Air has earned a reputation for providing effective solutions for your insulation and ventilation needs. Led by Robert Carroll, who has over 30 years of experience in the industry, the Attic Air team takes great pride in providing knowledgeable, professional service to every one of our customers. If you have noticed an increase in your energy bills, cold or hot spots, or other signs of potential problems with your home’s insulation and ventilation, call us today for a free evaluation. You can reach us at 630-830-3870.

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  • Ash A.

    We had Attic Air out to inspect and advise of our attic situation. They have done outstanding work in the past for us . Robert and his crew are fair and honest . They do great work. Keep it up !

  • Kathleen R | April 29, 2014

    They insulated our family room ceiling and brought the attic to a recommended R-49 rating from an existing R11. They also insulated our second floor attic and brought it to a R-49. They installed vent chutes where needed and also supplied and installed some bath fan soffit caps.

    Member Comments:

    These guys were so great to work with! In addition to their being on Angie’s List, one of our neighbors has used them and also had an excellent experience with them. When they first came over to look at everything, they saw that there was some mold, so they recommended that it be taken care of first (which we did, via another company). Then when we called to schedule the work, the owner was very responsive and helpful and they even came early in the am, which was perfect for our schedules. I offered to pay them right away as I was unsure if I’d be home when they were done, but the guy in charge said “Oh, no, we don’t accept any payment until the job is completely done.” They did a great job from start to finish and took pains to protect our floors. I believe the cost was very reasonable for the work done. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who needs this type of work. The owner was careful to include the Angie’s list discount in the final price, which I had completely forgotten about. It is a pleasure to work with people of such a strong work ethic who are also so honest. Great job, Attic Air!

  • Terry T

    On 5/28/2014 Mr. Robert Carroll, owner of Attic Air, promptly responded and determined that our garage walls had already been insulated at the time of construction. He examined the attic area of the garage and even though it did not have any insulation, he advised that we would never recover the cost of insulating the attic in a garage and said it would be a waste of our money for him to do it. Mr. Carroll’s candid honesty was almost shocking in this day and age. We apologized for, in essence, wasting his time, however, Mr. Carroll quite admirably stated that he fully understood our misunderstanding.

    Member Comments:

    When purchasing our house four years earlier, we were told that the garage was not insulated. Due to the severe winter of 2013/2014 we decided that we would be interested in insulating the garage. We looked into the reviews on Angie’s List and noted that Attic Air had all “A” reviews and all their customer’s gave quite glowing reviews of the company and the owner, Robert Carroll. On 5/27/2014, we contacted Attic Air and Mr. Carroll promptly responded the very next day to provide us with an estimate. Mr. Carroll quickly determined that our garage already had walls that were insulated and when I told him that I was sure that the attic over the garage wasn’t insulated he advised that to insulate the attic of a garage would be a waste of our money and that the cost involved would never be recovered in any noticeable savings on heating bills. We apologized to Mr. Carroll for wasting his time and appreciated his honesty in explaining the circumstances of insulating the attic of the garage. In spite of wasting Mr. Carroll’s time and gas, his courteous and professional demeanor never changed. It should be noted to anyone reading this review that Mr. Carroll could have easily sold us unnecessary insulation, however, he quite candidly sought to save us money. In reading many of the Angie’s List reviews of Attic Air, many of the customers highlighted Mr. Carroll’s honesty. This is, but another example of his total honesty. I requested a business card from Mr. Carroll for any future business and would highly recommend this company to anyone reading this review. I only wish all companies were as professional and honest as Attic Air. It was truly a pleasure dealing with the owner, Mr. Robert Carroll.